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Sergio D. Spadavecchia

Sergio David Spadavecchia - 9701941 - creativespades-com (5).jpg

"Sergio—a Canadian-born artist—joins us from Italy, with years of experience having worked with some of the biggest brands in the business, as well as, owning and producing his unique art magazine INSPADES Magazine. He has travelled the world as a photographer, cinematographer, and creative director for world-renowned magazines, travel shows, and tourism boards. His passion for creativity has brought him to create Creative Spades."

S. David Spadavecchia most loves to transform fleeting moments of daily transaction into enlightened memories. This is likely why he counts photography among his life’s passions. Born in Toronto, David and his family moved back to their native Italy when he was just 10 years old. It proved fortuitous; he enrolled in an arts school in Bari, and spent his formative years immersing himself in the world of design and in what he calls the planet’s greatest gallery: the country of Italy itself. For the next decade and a half he toiled as a successful, long-time—and entirely self-taught—photographer and graphic designer, then art director, working for newspapers, magazines and advertising agencies, mostly in Italy.

His inspiring sense of travel that has taken him (thus far!) not just to Africa but Rome, Paris, London, Jordan, Taiwan and now Toronto, where he is the creative director for Outpost Magazine and Publisher of INSPADES Magazine. Also senior photographer for Outpost and opXpeditions, David was a pivotal member of Team Outpost Jordan, and this past summer travelled to northern Labrador to photograph the magnificent Torngat Mountains National Park. You can see his stunning Torngat photos and read his stirring account of his adventures there in “Nunatsiavut, Oh Beautiful Land,” on Outpost Magazine.

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